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April 28, 1913: Girl is Assaulted and then Murdered in Heart of Town

April 28, 1913: Pretty Young Victim of Sunday’s Atrocious Crime and the Building in Which She Met Her Death

April 29, 1913: $1,000 Reward

April 29, 1913: Held on Murder Charge in Mary Phagan Case

April 29, 1913: I Am Not Guilty, Says John M. Gant

April 29, 1913: Pinkertons Hired to Assist Police Probe the Murder of Mary Phagan

April 29, 1913: Was Victim of Murder Lured Off on Joy Ride Before She Met Death?

April 30, 1913: Did Murderers Plan Cremation?

April 30, 1913: Murder Analyzed by Dr. M’Kelway

April 30, 1913: While Hundreds Sob, Body of Mary Phagan Lowered Into Grave

April 30, 1913: While Hunt Continues for Slayer of Mary Phagan, Marietta Mourns as Body is Lowered into Grave

May 1, 1913: Frank Tried to Flirt With Murdered Girl, Says Her Boy Chum

May 1, 1913: Newt Lee Tells His Story During Morning Session

May 1, 1913: Pretty Young Sweetheart Comes to the Aid of Arthur Mullinax

May 2, 1913: Frank and Lee Held in Tower, Others Released

May 2, 1913: Frank Girls Going to Inquest

May 2, 1913: Keep an Open Mind

May 4, 1913: Impostors Busy in Sleuth Roles in Phagan Case

May 4, 1913: The Case of Mary Phagan

May 5, 1913: Sleuths Believe They Can Convict Phagan Murderer

May 6, 1913: Pistol Toting is Condemned by Judge Ellis in His Charge

May 6, 1913: Third Man Brought into Phagan Mystery by Frank’s Evidence

May 7, 1913: Officials Plan to Exhume Body of Victim Today

May 8, 1913: Frank Will Take a Stand at Inquest

May 8, 1913: Stains of Blood on Shirt Fresh, Says Dr. Smith

May 9, 1913: Frank and Lee Ordered Held by Coroner’s Jury for Mary Phagan Murder

May 10, 1913: Factory Foreman Who Testified

May 10, 1913: Girl Will Swear Office of Frank Deserted Between 12:05 and 12:10

May 11, 1913: Mystery of 14-Year-Old Mary Phagan’s Tragic End Adds One to Long List of Atlanta’s Unsolved Crimes

May 11, 1913: Officer Swears He Found Frank With Young Girl

May 12, 1913: Find Guilty Man, Frank’s Lawyer Told Pinkertons

May 12, 1913: The Phagan Case Day by Day

May 13, 1913: Story From New York

May 14, 1913: Clue is Sought in Handwriting of Mary Phagan

May 14, 1913: Poem in Handwriting of Mary Phagan May Give Solicitor Clue to Murder

May 15, 1913: Victim of Murder Prepared to Die, Believes Dorsey

May 16, 1913: Constitution Starts Fund to Bring Burns Here to Solve the Mary Phagan Murder Mystery

May 17, 1913: Bring Burns Here

May 17, 1913: In Loop of Death, Dorsey May Have Clue to Murderer

May 18, 1913: Three Arrests Expected Soon in Phagan Case

May 19, 1913: Detectives Seek Clue in Writing of Negro Suspect

May 20, 1913: Women Declare Phagan Murder Must be Solved

May 21, 1913: Tobie is Studying Mary Phagan’s Life

May 22, 1913: Experts are Here on Finger Prints

May 23, 1913: Rooming House Sought by Frank, Declares Woman

May 24, 1913: Coleman Affidavit Which Police Say Felder Wanted

May 24, 1913: Frank Not at Home Hours on Sunday, Declares Lanford

May 24, 1913: Girl Strangled, Says Indictment

May 24, 1913: Leading Figures in Charges of Bribery in Phagan Case

May 25, 1913: “Becker of South” Lanford is Branded by Col. Tom Felder

May 25, 1913: Frank Indicted in Phagan Case

May 25, 1913: Frank is Praised by John O. Parmele

May 25, 1913: Others Will be Involved in New Bribery Charges Intimates Chief Lanford

May 25, 1913: Savings of School Girls are Offered to Hunt for Murderer of Mary Phagan

May 25, 1913: Thomas Felder Brands the Charges of Bribery Diabolical Conspiracy

May 26, 1913: New Witnesses in Phagan Case Found by Police

May 26, 1913: Thousands in Atlanta Living the Life of Mary Phagan’s Murderer

May 27, 1913: Burns Agency Quits the Phagan Case; Tobie Leaves Today

May 28, 1913: Conley Reported to Admit Writing Notes Saturday

May 29, 1913: Negro Sweeper Tells the Story of Murder Notes

May 30, 1913: But One Thing is Proved in Mary Phagan Mystery

May 30, 1913: Conley Says He Helped Frank Carry Body of Mary Phagan to Pencil Factory Cellar

May 31, 1913: Mary Phagan’s Murder Was Work of a Negro, Declares Leo M. Frank

June 1, 1913: Conley is Removed from Fulton Tower at His Own Request

June 2, 1913: Frank Asked Room to Conceal Body, Believes Lanford

June 3, 1913: Grand Jury Calls for Thos. Felder and Police Heads

June 3, 1913: Leo Frank’s Cook Put Under Arrest

June 4, 1913: Servant of Frank is Liberated After Long Examination

June 5, 1913: Frank Wanted Gun to Take His Life, Says Negro Cook

June 6, 1913: Dorsey Replies to the Charges of Mrs. Lucille Selig Frank

June 7, 1913: Current in Effect on Day of Tragedy

June 8, 1913: Mrs. Frank Writes About Phagan Case

June 10, 1913: Leo Frank Reported Ready for His Trial

June 11, 1913: Lanford Silent on Rosser’s Card

June 13, 1913: Negro Conley May Face Frank Today

June 15, 1913: Detective Chief Tells Grand Jury of Third Degree

June 16, 1913: Constitution Picture Will Figure in Trial

June 18, 1913: Two New Witnesses Sought by Officers

June 19, 1913: Mrs. Formby Here for Phagan Trial

June 19, 1913: Reuben Arnold May Aid Frank’s Defense in Big Murder Trial

June 21, 1913: Frank and Lee Held in Tower, Others Released

June 22, 1913: Frank Not Guilty of Phagan Murder, Declares Arnold

June 23, 1913: Leo M. Frank’s Trial June 30, Says Dorsey

June 24, 1913: Frank’s Trial Set for Next Monday

June 25, 1913: Reported Hoke Smith May Aid Leo Frank

June 25, 1913: Trial of Leo Frank Postponed by Judge

June 28, 1913: Lanford and Felder Indicted for Libel

July 4, 1913: Effort Will Be Made to Free Newt Lee

July 8, 1913: Frank and Conley May Meet Today

July 10, 1913: Mary Phagan’s Pay Envelope is Found

July 11, 1913: Jim Conley Not Right Man, Says Mincey

July 13, 1913: Detective Harry Scott’s Hunch- Thrilling Story of How it Secured James Conley’s Confession

July 18, 1913: Many Rumors Afloat Regarding Grand Jury

July 19, 1913: Grand Jury Meets to Indict Conley

July 19, 1913: Scott Believes Conley Innocent, Asserts Lanford

July 20, 1913: Frank’s Lawyers Score Dorsey for His Stand

July 20, 1913: Grim Justice Pursues Mary Phagan’s Slayer

July 23, 1913: Bloody Club Lends New Clue to Mystery

July 23, 1913: Give Right of Way to Case of Frank

July 24, 1913: Conley and Lee Meet in Tower

July 25, 1913: Venireman Drawn for Frank Trial

July 26, 1913: Frank’s Lawyers Ready for Trial

July 27, 1913: How Detectives Trailed Clues in Phagan Murder Case

July 27, 1913: Phagan Trial Will Be Great Legal Battle

July 27, 1913: Scott is Summoned by Frank’s Lawyer

July 28, 1913: Jurors in Leo M. Frank Case Must Answer Four Questions

July 28, 1913: Leo Frank’s Trial on Murder Charge Booked for Today

July 29, 1913: Numerous Witnesses Called in Frank Case

July 29, 1913: Trial of Leo M. Frank on Charge of Murder Begins, Mrs. Coleman, George Epps and Newt Lee on Stand

July 29, 1913: Unusual Interest Centers in Mrs. Frank’s Appearance

July 29, 1913: Will Leo Frank’s Lawyers Put Any Evidence Before the Jury?

July 30, 1913: Lee, Dull and Ignorant, Calm Under Cross Fire

July 30, 1913: Members of Mary Phagan’s Family who are Attending Frank Trial

July 30, 1913: Mother and Daughter in Tears as Clothing of Mary Phagan is Exhibited in Courtroom

July 30, 1913: Sergeant Dobbs Resumes Stand at Tuesday Afternoon Session

July 30, 1913: The Defense Center of the Trial of Leo M. Frank

July 30, 1913: Three Witnesses Describe Finding Mary Phagan’s Body

July 31, 1913: Bearing of Black and Lee Forms a Study in Contrast

July 31, 1913: Daintily Dressed Girl Tells of Daily Routine of Factory

July 31, 1913: Defense Riddles John Black’s Testimony

July 31, 1913: Detective Black Muddled by Keen Cross Examination of Attorneys for Defense

July 31, 1913: Gantt, Once Phagan Suspect, On Stand Wednesday Afternoon

August 1, 1913: Acquitted in the Same Court, She Believes Frank is Innocent

August 1, 1913: Attorneys for Both Sides Riled by Scott’s Testimony; Replies Cause Lively Tilts

August 1, 1913: Finding of Hair and Envelope Described by Machinist

August 1, 1913: Frank’s Presence in Office at Time He Says He was There is Denied by Girl on Stand

August 1, 1913: Haslett Describes Visit to Home of Leo Frank

August 1, 1913: Holloway Denies Affidavit He Signed for Solicitor

August 1, 1913: Leo Frank Innocent, Says Mrs. Appelbaum

August 1, 1913: Spots Were Large as Fan, Declares Woman Who Saw Them

August 1, 1913: William Gheesling, Embalmer, Tells of Wounds on Girl’s Body

August 2, 1913: Frequent and Angry Clashes Between Attorneys Mark the Hearing of Darley’s Testimony

August 2, 1913: Humor Pathos Tragedy

August 2, 1913: Mary Phagan Murdered Within Hour After Dinner

August 2, 1913: Negro Lurking in Factory Seen by Wife of Employee

August 2, 1913: Startling Statements Made During Testimony of Dr. Harris

August 2, 1913: Stenographer Parry Identifies Notes Taken at Phagan Inquest; Women and Girls Thronging Court for Trial of Leo Frank; Gay Febuary Tells Frank Jury About Statement Prisoner Made

August 3, 1913: Condition of Girl’s Body Described by Dr. J. W. Hurt

August 3, 1913: Defense Will Use Many Witnesses

August 3, 1913: Fixing Hour of Girl’s Death Through Aid of Modern Science the Prosecution’s Greatest Aid

August 3, 1913: Girl Asked for Mary Phagan’s Pay but was Refused by Frank

August 3, 1913: Resume of Week’s Evidence Shows Little Progress Made

August 4, 1913: Frank on Stand Wednesday Week

August 4, 1913: Leo Frank’s Trial is Attracting Universal Interest in Georgia

August 5, 1913: Amazing Testimony of Conley Marks Crucial Point of Trial, Says Frank Admitted Crime

August 5, 1913: Conley Grilled Five Hours by Luther Rosser

August 5, 1913: Gheesling Furnishes His Formula to Jury

August 6, 1913: Mincey Affidavit is Denied

August 6, 1913: Women are Playing Big Part in Trial of Frank

August 7, 1913: Judge’s Decision Admits Conley Testimony in Full

August 7, 1913: Mary Phagan was Strangled, Declares Dr. H. F. Harris

August 7, 1913: Spontaneous Applause Greets Dorsey’s Victory

August 7, 1913: Unable to Shake Conley’s Story, Rosser Ends Cross-Examination

August 8, 1913: Dorsey Forces Childs to Admit Certain Portions of His Testimony Could Not be Considered Expert

August 8, 1913: Rosser Swears Bludgeon was Not in Factory Day After Murder

August 8, 1913: Will Defense Put Character of Leo Frank Before Jury?

August 9, 1913: Conductor Also Swears Epps Boy was not on Car with Mary Phagan

August 9, 1913: Defense Will Seek to Show That Mary Phagan’s Body Was Tossed Down a Chute in Rear of Pencil Factory and Not Taken Down by Elevator as the State Insists

August 9, 1913: Epps Boy not with Mary Phagan, Declares Street Car Motorman

August 9, 1913: Hopkins Woman Denies Charges Made by Dalton and Jim Conley; is Forced to Admit Untruths

August 9, 1913: Model of Factory Attacked by Solicitor

August 9, 1913: N. V. Darley Denies Testimony Given by Conley and Dalton

August 9, 1913: She Denies Charges Made by Dalton and by Conley

August 10, 1913: Defense Will Renew Attack Upon Dr. Harris’ Testimony

August 10, 1913: Epps Boy Denies Trying to Avoid Being Called to the Stand Again

August 10, 1913: Reporter Makes Denial of Charge that Reports have been Flavored

August 10, 1913: Schiff Put on Stand to Refute Conley and Dalton Testimony

August 10, 1913: Schiff Testimony Contradicts That Given by Dalton and Negro Conley

August 10, 1913: Startling Testimony of Conley Feature of Trial’s Second Week

August 11, 1913: Murder Evidence May be Concluded by Next Saturday

August 12, 1913: As the Very Wildest of Guessing, Dr. Westmoreland Characterizes Testimony Given by Dr. Harris

August 12, 1913: Defense Has the Best Day Since Trial of Frank Began

August 12, 1913: Expert Flatly Contradicts the Testimony of Dr. Harris

August 12, 1913: Frank’s Financial Sheet Would Take 3 Hours’ Work to Finish

August 12, 1913: Schiff Admits he Kept Conley Knowing he was Worthless

August 13, 1913: Campbell Told by Mrs. White of Negro Lurking in Factory

August 13, 1913: Dalton Recalled by Defense, Admits Having Served on Gang

August 13, 1913: Many Witnesses Take the Stand to Refute Points of Prosecution

August 13, 1913: Testimony of Helen Ferguson Refuted by Magnolia Kennedy

August 13, 1913: Women on Stand Deny Statements Made About Them by Dalton

August 14, 1913: Lively Tilts Mark the Hearing of Testimony of Dr. Kendrick

August 14, 1913: Quinn Intimates that Spots May Have Been on Floor for Months

August 14, 1913: Surprise Sprung by Introduction of Character Witnesses by Defense (Atlanta Constitution)

August 15, 1913: Character of Frank Good, So Many Witnesses Declare

August 15, 1913: Frank Not Nervous on Night of Murder, Says Mrs. Ursenbach

August 15, 1913: Lawyers Appear Very Interested in Raincoat Lent to Leo M. Frank

August 15, 1913: Many Men Swear to Good Character of Superintendent of Pencil Factory

August 15, 1913: Mother-in-Law of Frank Denies Charges in Cook’s Affidavit

August 16, 1913: Dorsey Questions Witness About Alleged Fund for Frank’s Defense

August 16, 1913: Leo Frank Innocent, Said Conley, According to a Girl Operator

August 16, 1913: Miss Mary Perk Tells Jurymen She Believes Conley is Guilty

August 16, 1913: Mother of Frank Takes Stand to Identify Letter Son Wrote

August 16, 1913: Mrs. Rae Frank Goes on Stand in Defense of Her Son

August 16, 1913: Still Another Office Boy Swears He Never Saw Women With Frank

August 17, 1913: Frank to Tell His Own Story Monday Afternoon to Jury Which Will Decide His Fate

August 17, 1913: Prisoners’ Mother Questioned as to Wealth of Frank Family

August 17, 1913: That Pinkertons Double-Crossed Police, Dorsey Tries to Prove

August 18, 1913: Frank May Tell Story to Jury on Stand Today

August 18, 1913: Mary Phagan’s Grandmother Dies After Dreaming Girl was Living

August 18, 1913: Men on Frank Jury Must Be Some Mighty Good Husbands, Asserts the Deputy in Charge

August 19, 1913: Books and Papers Put in Evidence by the Defense

August 19, 1913: Climax of Trial Reached When Frank Faced Jury

August 19, 1913: Frank Ends Statement After Testifying Four Hours

August 19, 1913: Frank’s Character is Testified to by Long List of Girls

August 19, 1913: Harlee Branch Tells of Conley Pantomine

August 19, 1913: Mrs. Wardlaw Denies Ever Seeing Frank on Car with Little Girl

August 20, 1913: Clashes Between Lawyers Mark Effort to Impeach Negro Cook

August 20, 1913: Denies He Said He Was Willing to Lead Party to Lynch Frank

August 20, 1913: Dr. Clarence Johnson is Called to Corroborate Dr. Roy Harris

August 20, 1913: Saw Mary Phagan on Her Way to Pencil Factory, Says McCoy

August 20, 1913: Sideboard in Leo Frank’s Home Moved, Asserts Husband of Cook

August 20, 1913: State is Hard Hit by Judge’s Ruling Barring Evidence Attacking Frank

August 20, 1913: State Suffers a Severe Blow When Testimony is Ruled Out

August 20, 1913: Witness Swears he saw Frank Forcing Unwelcome Attentions upon the Little Phagan Girl

August 21, 1913: Frank Hooper Opens Argument in Leo Frank Case This Morning

August 21, 1913: Frank’s Character Bad, Declare Many Women and Girls on Stand

August 21, 1913: Girls Testify to Seeing Frank Enter Dressing Room With Woman

August 21, 1913: Girls Testify to Seeing Frank Talking to Little Mary Phagan With His Hands on Her Person

August 21, 1913: Leo Frank Takes Stand Again Despite Objection of Dorsey

August 21, 1913: Railway Employee Swears Car Reached Center of City at 12:03

August 21, 1913: Starnes Tells How Affidavit from Negro Cook was Secured

August 21, 1913: Swears that Frank Prepared Sheets in Less Than 2 Hours

August 21, 1913: Testimony of Dr. Harris Upheld by Noted Stomach Specialists

August 21, 1913: Testimony of Hollis Assailed by Witness

August 22, 1913: Arnold Ridicules Plot Alleged by Prosecution and Attacks the Methods Used by Detective

August 22, 1913: Chronological Table of Frank’s Actions on Day of Murder

August 22, 1913: Frank Case May Go to Jury Late This Afternoon

August 22, 1913: In Dramatic Phrases, Hooper Outlines Events Leading Up to and Following Death of Girl

August 23, 1913: Dorsey’s Brilliant Address Attacking Leo Frank is Stopped by Adjournment of Court Friday

August 23, 1913: Rosser Makes Great Speech for the Defense; Scores Detectives and Criticizes the Solicitor

August 24, 1913: Many Records are Badly Broken by State’s Most Expensive Trial

August 24, 1913: Solicitor Reasserts His Conviction of Bad Character and Guilt of Frank

August 25, 1913: Leo Frank’s Fate May be Decided by Monday Night

August 26, 1913: As Bells Tolled, Dorsey Closed Magnificent Argument Which Fastened Crime on Frank

August 26, 1913: Frank Convicted, Asserts Innocence

August 26, 1913: Glad and Relieved Trial is Over; No Doubt of Leo Frank’s Guilt

August 26, 1913: Guilty, Declares Jury

August 26, 1913: Here is the Chronological Order of Final Day of Frank’s Trial

August 26, 1913: Leo Frank Received Fair Trial, Declares Chief Newport Lanford

August 26, 1913: Mary Phagan, the Victim

August 27, 1913: Frank Sentenced on Murder Charge; to Hang Oct. 10

August 27, 1913: Hugh Dorsey’s Great Speech Feature of the Frank Trial

August 28, 1913: Cell of Leo M. Frank Now Like Living Room

August 29, 1913: Leo M. Frank to Make No Public Statement

August 31, 1913: Graduates of Cornell Will Aid Leo M. Frank in Fight for Life

September 4, 1913: Frank Trial Bills are Ordered Paid

September 9, 1913: Will Rear Monument to Little Mary Phagan

September 10, 1913: Jim Conley Indicted by Jury on Tuesday

September 24, 1913: Leo Frank Again Made President of B’nai B’rith

September 26, 1913: Did Not Discuss Guilt of Frank

September 28, 1913: Grief of Mrs. Coleman is a Pitiful Sight

September 30, 1913: Speculation is Rife as to Who’ll Hear Leo Frank’s Motion

October 3, 1913: May Use Jurors to Deny Charges

October 5, 1913: A. H. Henslee May Establish Alibi

October 6, 1913: Sparta Citizens Insist Henslee was Prejudiced

October 7, 1913: Henslee Answers Sparta Citizens

October 14, 1913: Dorsey Expected Back in Atlanta Wednesday

October 16, 1913: Dorsey Will Request Postponement Again

October 18, 1913: Criminal Court Will Convene Monday Week

October 20, 1913: Bodeker Keeps Counsel

October 20, 1913: Locked Doors Guard Witness Who Declares Frank Innocent, Detectives Keep All-Night Vigil in Order to Arrest Him

October 21, 1913: J. C. Shirley Ready to Account for Movements on Murder Day

October 21, 1913: Murder Witness Arrested on Libel Charge

October 24, 1913: Proof of Charges Will Mean a New Trial, Says Court

October 25, 1913: Jury Loaned Ears to Ravings of Mob, Says Rube Arnold

October 27, 1913: Arnold to Resume His Speech Today

October 30, 1913: Retrial Hearing for Leo M. Frank Comes to Close

November 2, 1913: Leo Frank Appeals to Supreme Court

November 6, 1913: Dorsey Spent $1145.39 in the Leo Frank Case

November 10, 1913: The Frank Case

November 14, 1913: Trial of Jim Conley Postponed to Monday

November 26, 1913: Conley Will be Tried During January Term

December 7, 1913: Frank Case Will be Argued Dec. 15

December 17, 1913: Leo Frank’s Fate Now Rests With High Tribunal

December 25, 1913: Laboring Folk of Griffin Send Dorsey X-mas Present


January 1, 1914: Good Luck Marked 1913 Giving Knockout Blow to Prophets of Disaster

January 1, 1914: Gunman and Thug Busy During Year 1913

January 5, 1914: Case Against Fisher is Set for Wednesday

January 8, 1914: Frank Attorneys File Supplemental Brief

January 9, 1914: Fisher Freed on Murder Charge

January 15, 1914: Dorsey Will Not Reply to Latest Frank Brief

February 1, 1914: Court Takes Recess, Case of Jim Conley is Set for February 23, 1914

February 18, 1914: Leo M. Frank Has Not Lost All Hope; Counsel Will Make Vigorous Fight to Save the Life of Their Client

February 19, 1914: Counsel for Frank to Ask a Rehearing by Supreme Court

February 21, 1914: Jim Conley Case to Come to Trial Week From Today

February 22, 1914: Solicitor Dorsey Scorched in Card by Frank Counsel

February 23, 1914: Mrs. Nina Formby Makes Affidavit to Assist Frank

February 24, 1914: All-Night Search to Find M’Knight Meets No Success

February 25, 1914: Conley Convicted, Gets Year on Gang

February 26, 1914: Plied With Whisky She Lied in Story Told About Frank Says Mrs. Formby

February 27, 1914: Becker Trial Was Parallel to Mine; Leo Frank Writes the Constitution

February 27, 1914: Detectives Scored in Alleged Formby Confession

February 28, 1914: Appeal for Frank Delayed by Hope of New Evidence

March 1, 1914: Helen Ferguson Tells Defense in Affidavit of Advance by Conley

March 4, 1914: Luther Z. Rosser Holds Conference in New York Over Leo Frank’s Case

March 5, 1914: Geo. Epps Brands as a Falsehood Story of His Son in Affidavit

March 6, 1914: Affidavit Verified by Mrs. Ethel Miller

March 6, 1914: Frank’s Time Alibi Gets New Support in Two Affidavits Given the Defense

March 7, 1914: No Clemency Plea Planned for Frank

March 8, 1914: New Developments in Case of Frank Come With a Rush of Resentence

March 8, 1914: Rosser Defends Interview Answering Georgia Chamber

March 9, 1914: Leo Frank Answers List of Questions Bearing on Points Made Against Him

March 10, 1914: Frank Will Use Address by Taft

March 11, 1914: Burns to Return by Next Friday and Make Report

March 12, 1914: Smith to Protect Conley from Grill by William Burns

March 15, 1914: M’Knight Badly Injured Trying to Slip Into City Unnoticed by Detectives

March 15, 1914: Prisoner in Tower Asks Public for Answers to These Questions

March 16, 1914: Frank No Pervert, States W. J. Burns on Reaching City

March 16, 1914: From Pulpits Comes Call for New Trial For Frank; Burns Here to Open Probe

March 18, 1914: Becker Will Come to Leo Frank’s Aid if Defense Calls

March 19, 1914: Smith to Thwart Secret Attempt to Grill Conley

March 20, 1914: Crime in Factory Foulest He Ever Knew Says Burns

March 21, 1914: Detective Burns Given Hot Roast by Will M. Smith

March 23, 1914: Detective Burns Goes to New York to Hunt Evidence

March 23, 1914: New Frank Trial Urged by Pastor

March 25, 1914: Smith is Giving His Service Free to James Conley

March 26, 1914: Probe Telegrams Sent From Newark

March 30, 1914: B’nai B’rith Delegate Lauds Atlanta Spirit, Discusses Frank Case

March 30, 1914: Welcome Given to B’nai B’rith

March 30, 1914: Witness for Frank Sought in Chicago

March 31, 1914: Conley is Anxious to Face Accusers

March 31, 1914: Funeral Notices

April 2, 1914: Will Show Employers Necessity of Militia

April 5, 1914: Burns Will Seek Talk With Conley Early This Week

April 7, 1914: More Affidavits for Frank Motion

April 8, 1914: Did Stover Girl go to Factory?

April 9, 1914: Burns and Dorsey Hold Conference

April 10, 1914: Interest Centered in Report of Burns

April 11, 1914: New Evidence Against Jim Conley Reported

April 12, 1914: Reward of $1,000 Offered by Burns

April 13, 1914: Burns Expected to Return Soon

April 15, 1914: State May Oppose Plans of the Defense

April 16, 1914: Leo Frank’s Fight to Get New Trial Will Begin Today

April 17, 1914: Way is Paved to Take Case of Leo M. Frank Before Federal Court

April 19, 1914: Testimony He Gave at Trial Was True, Declares M’Knight

April 20, 1914: Burns Expected to Return Today

April 21, 1914: Grand Jury to Act on Leo Frank Case

April 22, 1914: Dorsey and Burns Have Warm Words

April 22, 1914: Lanford Declines to Show Affidavits

April 23, 1914: Conley is Guilty, Asserts W. J. Burns

April 24, 1914: Battle for Life of Leo M. Frank Begins in Court

April 25, 1914: Did Not Confess to Girl’s Murder, Says Jim Conley

April 26, 1914: Monday is the Anniversary of Death of Mary Phagan

April 26, 1914: Says Love Letters Written by Conley Prove Him Guilty

April 27, 1914: Friends Pay Tribute Today in the Cemetery at Marietta to Mary Phagan’s Memory

April 28, 1914: Friends Pay Tribute to Memory of Girl Killed One Year Ago

May 1, 1914: Horrible Mistake in Case of Frank, States W. J. Burns

May 2, 1914: W. J. Burns and Dan Lehon Summoned by Solicitor Dorsey to the Frank Retrial Hearing

May 2, 1914: William J. Burns Driven Out of Marietta

May 3, 1914: Dorsey Calls C. W. Burke and Other Investigators for Leo Frank to Court

May 5, 1914: Return of Negress Ordered by Judge Monday Morning

May 7, 1914: New Trial Denied Leo Frank; No Argument by Hugh Dorsey

May 10, 1914: Burns to Answer Contempt Charge

May 10, 1914: Judge Will Not Give an Opinion

May 14, 1914: Leo Frank Hearing Set For Wednesday

May 16, 1914: Lehon Contempt Trial is Postponed by Hill

May 17, 1914: Dorsey Ready to Argue Move to Upset Verdict

May 19, 1914: Lehon Contempt Trial Up Today

May 24, 1914: Our Record Clean, Asserts Dan Lehon

May 30, 1914: Negro Cuts Detective in Effort to Escape

June 6, 1914: Verdict is Void, Declare Lawyers for Leo M. Frank

June 7, 1914: Another Step in Frank Case Won by State

June 16, 1914: Burns to be Ousted by the Police Chiefs

June 19, 1914: Burke Indicted for Perjury Subornation

June 20, 1914: Burns is Dropped by Police Chiefs

June 25, 1914: A. S. Colyar Arrested at Cartersville Home

June 30, 1914: Knocks and Boosts From the State Press

October 3, 1914: Frank Not Guilty, Believes Conley’s Lawyer, Plans to Obtain Freedom of Man in Tower

October 4, 1914: William Smith Tells Why His Opinion Has Changed as to Guilt of Leo Frank

October 10, 1914: No Attack on Dorsey, Says William M. Smith

October 15, 1914: Appeal Made by Leo Frank For New Trial Turned Down by Georgia Supreme Court

October 27, 1914: Last Appeal Made for Leo M. Frank

November 1, 1914: Jackson’s Trail Through Georgia Will be Marked

November 3, 1914: No Delay Expected in Leo Frank Case

November 11, 1914: Frank Case Decision May Be Given Today

November 15, 1914: Leo Frank Loses in Supreme Court

November 20, 1914: Grand Jury is Probing Bond Fraud Cases

November 21, 1914: Leo Frank Again Loses Big Point

November 22, 1914: Vindication Asked by Leo M. Frank in Card to Public

November 24, 1914: Frank Case Witness Placed Under Arrest

November 28, 1914: Jury Was on Trial, Says Leo M. Frank

November 30, 1914: No Delay Expected in Leo Frank Case

December 3, 1914: Action is Postponed on Frank Remittitur

December 5, 1914: Frank Case Remittitur in Hands of the Court

December 8, 1914: Frank Loses Last Chance in Court

December 9, 1914: Habeas Corpus Writ for Leo Frank Today

December 10, 1914: Leo Frank Hears Sentence of Death

December 11, 1914: Judge Hill Suffers Relapse of Illness

December 11, 1914: New Plea to Courts Prepared for Frank

December 14, 1914: Plan Hard Fight for Frank’s Life

December 18, 1914: Leo Frank Opens New Court Fight

December 19, 1914: Newman to Hear Frank Case Today

December 22, 1914: Alexander Scores Charge of Dorsey

December 23, 1914: Marshall Will Make Supreme Court Plea

December 28, 1914: Leo Frank Decision is Expected Today

December 29, 1914: Frank’s Trial Legal, Declares Grossman

December 29, 1914: Leo M. Frank’s New Fight for Life May Last in Courts for Six Months Before a Final Decision is Reached

December 30, 1914: Long Legal Battle in Leo Frank Case


January 3, 1915: Leo M. Frank Says Politics Prompted Joseph M. Brown to Write Card to Chronicle

January 17, 1915: Warren Grice Will Ask Early Hearing on Frank Petition

January 24, 1915: Leo Frank Appeal is Set for Feb. 23 by Supreme Court

January 29, 1915: Jim Conley Will Take Stand Today as State Witness

January 30, 1915: Large Sums Paid to Burns Agency, Haas Tells Court

January 31, 1915: Will Leo Frank be Tried Again?

February 10, 1915: State is Preparing for Frank Hearing

February 23, 1915: Lawyers for State Reach Washington

February 23, 1915: Sheriff Mangum Leaves to Attend Leo Frank Hearing

February 24, 1915: Postpone Hearing of Frank Appeal

February 27, 1915: Leo Frank’s Fate in Hands of Court

April 4, 1915: Jewish War Victims Aided by Leo Frank

April 20, 1915: His Plea Denied, Frank May Move for a Rehearing

April 21, 1915: Frank’s Attorneys Confer on Appeal

April 22, 1915: Frank Pardon Plea Will Be Completed Within a Few Days

April 23, 1915: Frank Makes Plea for Commutation

April 30, 1915: Mother and Father of Leo Frank Here to Attend Hearing

May 1, 1915: Leo Frank an Innocent Man, Declares Geraldine Ferrar After Visit to Tower Cell

May 4, 1915: State Will Wait for U.S. Mandate in Case of Frank

May 6, 1915: Frank’s Lawyers Get Affidavits

May 10, 1915: Frank Will Face Judge Hill Today

May 11, 1915: Leo Frank’s Fate up to Gov. Slaton as Final Arbiter

May 18, 1915: Date for Hearing of Frank is Fixed

May 19, 1915: State of Tennessee Makes Plea for Frank

May 20, 1915: Two State Legislatures Ask Georgia’s Governor for Clemency for Frank

May 22, 1915: Dr. White to Discuss Leo Frank’s Sentence

May 23, 1915: Leo Frank Jurors to Hold Meeting to Discuss Case

May 24, 1915: Pastors to Plead for Commutation of Frank Sentence

May 27, 1915: Clemency is Urged for Leo M. Frank by Georgia Society

May 27, 1915: Clemency Protest is Filed by Dorsey

May 28, 1915: Dorsey’s Course Still Undecided

May 29, 1915: Conley and Frank Meet Wednesday

May 31, 1915: Leo Frank’s Plea for Commutation to be Heard Today

June 1, 1915: Frank’s Hearing Ends Commission, to Make Recommendation Soon

June 2, 1915: Frank and Conley Will Meet Today

June 3, 1915: Frank and Conley Will Not Testify

June 5, 1915: Prison Commissioners Go to Their Homes

June 10, 1915: Case of Leo Frank is up to Governor for Final Decision

June 11, 1915: Final Plea for Frank to be Made Saturday

June 12, 1915: Marietta Delegation to Fight Frank Plea

June 13, 1915: Slaton to Spend Today in Study of Frank Appeal

June 14, 1915: Slaton Expected to Inspect Scene of Murder Today

June 15, 1915: Howard to Finish Appeal for Frank Early Wednesday

June 17, 1915: Leo Frank’s Fate up to Governor; Hearing is Ended

June 17, 1915: Leo Frank’s Head Put in Metal Braces

June 17, 1915: Reward of $1,000 Offered by Burns

June 18, 1915: Leo Frank May Know His Fate by Sunday

June 19, 1915: Decision on Frank Expected Monday

June 20, 1915: Howard Confident of Commutation for Leo Frank

June 21, 1915: Frank Sentence Commuted

June 21, 1915: Frank’s Sentence is Commuted by Slaton

June 22, 1915: Frank Starts Prison Work, Noisy Crowd at Governor’s Home Dispersed by Militia

June 22, 1915: How Constitution Got Story of Frank’s Departure When Governor, Sheriff and Other Officials Combined to Keep Commutation Secret Until Monday Afternoon

June 22, 1915: Whole Frank Case Reviewed in Slaton’s Statement

June 24, 1915: Guards Increased at Milledgeville

July 1, 1915: Capitol Gossip

July 14, 1915: Militia Under Arms Following Mob Rumor

July 18, 1915: Leo Frank’s Throat Cut by State Farm Prisoner

July 19, 1915: Creen’s Mind Affected by Fall from Bridge

July 19, 1915: Frank’s Condition Steadily Improving, Good Chance to Recover, Say Doctors

July 20, 1915: Another Doctor Added to Staff Treating Frank

July 22, 1915: Frank Grows Stronger; Danger is Nearly Over

July 25, 1915: Convicts at State Farm Ask Pardon for McNaughton

August 2, 1915: Leo Frank’s Head Put in Metal Braces

August 11, 1915: On Day of Release, He Weds Daughter of GA Prison Head

August 17, 1915: Posses Chase Frank Mob

August 18, 1915: Georgia’s Shame

August 18, 1915: Had Not Given Up Hope

August 18, 1915: Harris to Probe Frank Lynching

August 18, 1915: Lynching of Leo Frank Denounced by Daniels

August 18, 1915: Mob Hanging Better than Judicial Murder, Says John M. Slaton

August 18, 1915: Mob’s Own Story in Detail

August 19, 1915: May Find Mobbers by the Handcuffs on Burke’s Wrists

August 19, 1915: Woodward is Rapped by Governor Slaton

August 20, 1915: Mob Law is Condemned in Statement by Harris on Leo Frank Lynching

August 24, 1915: Boycott Started Against Atlanta by Boston Firm

August 24, 1915: Coroner to Resume Investigation Today into Frank Lynching

August 25, 1915: Officials of Cobb Seek Clew to Mob

August 30, 1915: Rope on His Auto, New York Police Shadow Atlantan

November 15, 1915: New England Educational Journal Criticizes Narrowness of Eastern Magazine


February 15, 1916: Jim Conley is Fined for Beating His Wife

April 2, 1916: Georgians Square, Asserts Slaton

January 14, 1919: Jim Conley Shot as Store Breaker by Druggist Conn

January 17, 1919: Jim Conley Admits Attempt at Burglary

March 5, 1922: State Will Cite Leo Frank’s Case in Dupre Hearing

February 24, 1929: Aged Inmate Soon Will Complete 15 Years in Prison

July 16, 1930: Heckler Questions Slaton Concerning Leo Frank Case

August 12, 1930: Slaton Discusses Frank Commutation

January 4, 1942: L.P. Whitfield, Noted Sleuth, 61, Succumbs

December 1, 1943: Leo Frank’s Widow Not Bitter, Sews on Wedding Anniversary

December 2, 1943: Mrs. Frank Fine, Brave Woman, Slaton Opines; Silent on Case