Mary Phagan: Mary Phagan-Kean (b. June 5, 1954), Namesake and Grandniece of Little Mary Phagan (June 1, 1899 – April 26, 1913)

Mary Phagan Kean Question: What would Mary Anne Phagan (June 1, 1899 – April 26, 1913) approximately look like in her mid to late fifties if she had lived to see this age? Answer: Mary Phagan-Kean (b. June 5, 1954), her grandniece and namesake. Mary Phagan-Kean, a self-proclaimed “military brat,” was born in the Southern State of Georgia. Phagan-Kean is Continue Reading →

April 26, 2016 Audiobook in Memory of Little Mary Phagan (1899 – 1913)

This is the epic true crime case from early 20th century Atlanta resulting from 13-year-old little Mary Phagan’s murder by Leo M. Frank in 1913 – her employer and superintendent at the National Pencil Company in 1913. Leo Frank’s lynching was inspired by outraged citizens after his death sentence was commuted by his lead trial attorney’s law partner the Governor Continue Reading →

The Troubling Testimony of Alonzo Mann in the Murder of Little Mary Phagan

by Lawson Wellborn WITH THE recent centennial of the death by lynching of Leo Max Frank, public attention has been fixed once again on the remarkable dual murders of Mary Phagan and Leo Frank. As is fairly well-known at this point, 13-year-old Mary Phagan was murdered in the National Pencil Factory in Atlanta on April 26, 1913. Leo Frank, her Continue Reading →

Billboard Touts Innocence; Phagan Family Says ‘Move On’

Many now know that Frank is guilty and oppose exonerating him, due to the efforts of National Alliance members and others fighting for truth THE LATEST SALVO in the century-long saga over Leo Frank’s guilt or innocence was fired on Monday when a digital billboard went live at the intersection of Upper Roswell Road and Sewell Mill Road in east Continue Reading →

New Audio Book: The Murder of Little Mary Phagan

A NEW authorized audio book version of The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean has just been recorded for The American Mercury. The Leo Frank Case Research Library is proud to offer it to our readers on this, the 103rd anniversary of the tragic death of Mary Phagan. You can download the audio book, free of charge, Continue Reading →

116th Happy Birthday Little Mary Phagan June 1st 2015 in Her Honor: Seeking Justice for the Murder of Little Mary Phagan

The Murder of Little Mary Phagan authored by Mary Phagan Kean (1987) has been transformed independently into an educational audiobook for the Vanguard News Network Learning College by Alex Linder, beginning on June 1st 2015, in memory of the 116th Birthday of Mary Phagan (1899-1913). Please take the time to analyze and discuss each chapter of this amazing journey. 01. Continue Reading →

Book Review: Steve Oney, ‘And The Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank’ (2003)

Steve Oney, Holding an Atlanta Constitution Newspaper, August 18, 1915 Issue   And The Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank (742 pages) by Steve Oney, published in 2003, through Pantheon Books in New York. The book is available from, and (including many other popular online stores). Background Information on Steve Oney Continue Reading →

Murder of Mary Phagan 101 Years Ago Today, April 26, 2014: The Aborted Apotheosis of Leo Frank, part 1 and part 2

Published by admin, on April 26th, 2014 American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 26, 2014 Listen to the broadcast Download 23:12 by Kevin Alfred Strom LEO FRANK was a Jewish sex killer who was president of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith — and who was re-elected to that post even after his conviction. Frank was tried and found guilty of the strangulation Continue Reading →

Harrell Rhome on the Case of Mary Phagan and Leo Frank

THE MURDER OF LITTLE MARY PHAGAN, A TRUE-CRIME EXPOSÉ By Dr. Harrell Rhome Editor of Gnostic Liberation Front Editing and consultation by Mark Farrell. Updated and enhanced at the advice of researchers at The Leo Frank Research Library The original article appeared in the July 2010 Nationalist Times Newspaper and as a special supplement to the CDL Report newspaper. Continue Reading →

Within the Four-Hour Long Unsworn Leo Max Frank Murder Trial Statement, Delivered on Monday Afternoon, August 18, 1913, Was a Newfangled Admission that Amounted to a Murder Trial Confession; The Revelation Was Made Sometime Between 2:15 PM and 6:00 PM, Maybe 2:45 PM, in the Fulton County Superior Court House of Atlanta, Georgia, During the Month-Long Capital Murder Trial of Leo M. Frank, Charged with Having Strangled Thirteen-Year-Old Little Mary Anne Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913

Leo Frank posing for Collier’s Weekly. The photo would later become the front cover for the book The Truth About the Frank Case by C. P. Connolly. In the picture, the finger tips of Leo Frank’s left hand are firmly clasped around the base of his cigar, vertically projecting upward from his groin region. The significance of Leo Frank’s left Continue Reading →

The Biography of Leo Max Frank (Thursday, April 17, 1884, to Tuesday Morning, August 17, 1915) and the Bludgeoning, Rape and Strangulation of Little Mary Anne Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913, Between 12:05 pm and 12:10 pm, maybe 12:07 pm.

The Leo Frank Affair (1913 to 1915) and its aftermath (1915 to 1986), What Really Happened? Welcome to the Leo Frank Case Research Library Archive, the largest online collection of primary sources concerning the life, and centarian legacy (1915 to 2015) of Leo Frank, who was convicted August 25, 1913, of having strangled 13 year old “little” Mary Anne Phagan Continue Reading →

100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty

Proving That Anti-Semitism Had Nothing to Do With His Conviction — and Proving That His Defenders Have Used Frauds and Hoaxes for 100 Years by Bradford L. Huie originally published at The American Mercury MARY PHAGAN was just thirteen years old. She was a sweatshop laborer for Atlanta, Georgia’s National Pencil Company. A little over 100 years ago — Saturday, Continue Reading →

Leo Frank: Guilty of Murder, part 3

American Dissident Voices broadcast of August 29, 2015 Listen to the broadcast by Kevin Alfred Strom IT WAS a century ago that Leo Frank, the president of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith, met his death. His arrest and eventual conviction and execution for the grisly sex murder of little Mary Phagan set off a huge national campaign by the Jewish power structure, Continue Reading →

The Leo Frank Case: A Pseudo-History

by Elliot Dashfield a review of The Leo Frank Case by Leonard Dinnerstein, University of Georgia Press IN 1963, nearly a half century after the sensational trial and lynching of Leo Frank become a national cause célèbre, a graduate student named Leonard Dinnerstein (pictured) decided to make the Frank case the subject of his PhD thesis. Three years later, Dinnerstein Continue Reading →

30 Years Later: The No-Pardon Pardon of Leo Frank

Today, March 11, 2016, is the 30th anniversary of the granting of a limited pardon to Leo Frank. by John Pierson and Vanessa Neubauer IN 1983 — 70 years after the conviction of sex killer and Atlanta B’nai B’rith president Leo Max Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan — lawyers associated with the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Atlanta Jewish Continue Reading →

Insolent Chutzpah and Atlanta Georgia’s Gubernatorial Political Corruption Honored 100 Years Later: The 60th Governor of Georgia John M. Slaton (Law Partner of Frank’s Lead Trial Attorney Luther Rosser) Commutes the Death Sentence of His Own Law Firm’s Client, Leo M. Frank, to Life in Prison!

[Editor’s Note: Over one hundred years of relentless media demoralization efforts, anti-Southern deracination, “us verses them” agitation, and wildly over-the-top anti-Gentilism by the hyper-ethnocentric and well-organized Jewish community against African-American and European-Americans continues unabated with this latest disgusting outrage: the centennial clemency decision honoring with a prominent sign-post historical marker erected for the 60th Governor of Georgia John Marshall Slaton (1866-1955) Continue Reading →

What’s New? Leo M. Frank Library Addendum and New Additions

The following elusive items were added to the Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library and Archive:2017, Website Completed! All independently written articles on the web site turned into Audiobooks. 2016, Centennial Publishing: The case of Pinkerton Detective Agency verses National Pencil Company, February 1916. Case Related Newspaper Articles All Transcribed so people can search and mine them for Continue Reading →

Jewish Supremacism and Racist Anti-Gentilism Prevails at New Georgia Encyclopedia

Dear New Students of the Frank-Phagan Case, The New Georgia Encyclopedia (NGE) with a disingenuous mask of academic legitimacy, openly falsifies the facts surrounding the principals and events associated with the 1913 murder of Mary Phagan and trial of Leo Frank. Their efforts appear to be part of a much broader Jewish Evolutionary Strategy (JES) propaganda campaign brought against European-Americans Continue Reading →