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by Chief Curator on August 3, 2014

Anti-Semitism and the Leo M. Frank Murder Case

by Curator on November 15, 2018

Pinkertons Now Declare Leo M. Frank Is Innocent

by Curator on September 7, 2018

Grand Jury Is Called Monday to Indict Jim Conley

by Curator on September 7, 2018

Reporters Needed at Leo Frank Marker Re-Dedication

by Chief Curator on August 22, 2018

Effort Being Made to Indict Negro Conley

by Curator on August 12, 2018

Second Phagan Indictment Probable

by Curator on August 5, 2018

Mincey Affidavit Not New to the Solicitor

by Curator on July 10, 2018

Conley Again Quizzed by Prosecutor Dorsey

by Curator on May 21, 2018

More Affidavits to Support Mincey Claimed

by Curator on May 16, 2018

Chief Beavers Orders Sleuths to Find Vice

by Curator on May 16, 2018

Agent Claims Conley Confessed to Murder

by Curator on April 12, 2018

Beavers’ War on Vice is Lauded by Women

by Curator on April 8, 2018

Mary Phagan Pay Envelope Found

by Curator on March 8, 2018

Newt Lee’s Attorneys Seeking His Freedom

by Curator on March 1, 2018

Girl to Tell Her Story of Vice to Recorder

by Curator on March 1, 2018

Accused Policemen Will Face Commission Tuesday

by Curator on February 6, 2018

Fight for Newt Lee’s Freedom is Delayed

by Curator on November 16, 2017

Lee’s Lawyer Expects Delay in Frank Case

by Curator on October 27, 2017

Lee’s Attorney Seeks to Gain His Release

by Curator on October 27, 2017

A Murder, A Lynching, A Mystery

by Archivist on October 18, 2017

Police Chief to Probe Vice Protection Charge

by Curator on October 12, 2017

“No” Bill Is Returned Against A. S. Colyar

by Curator on September 16, 2017

Hooper and Goldstein Join Little & Powell

by Curator on September 4, 2017

Hooper Sees Conley for the First Time

by Curator on August 10, 2017

Col. Felder and Chief Lanford Indicted

by Curator on August 9, 2017

Seeking For a Phagan Suspect in Macon?

by Curator on August 9, 2017

To Hold Frank Trial in the Old City Hall

by Curator on July 29, 2017

Both Sides Are Ready for Trial of Frank

by Curator on July 27, 2017

Date of Frank Trial Still In Much Doubt

by Curator on May 16, 2017

Frank Case May Not Be Tried June 30

by Curator on May 9, 2017

Hooper Returns and Takes Up Phagan Case

by Curator on May 3, 2017

Hooper Wants a Rest For Public From Case

by Curator on May 1, 2017

Guessers See a Mystery in Dorsey-Hooper Trips

by Curator on April 30, 2017

Felder Leaves Atlanta on Trip to Cincinnati

by Curator on April 29, 2017

Frank A. Hooper to Aid State in Frank Trial

by Curator on April 27, 2017

Asks Jury to Resume Probe of Dictograph

by Curator on April 15, 2017

Solicitor H. M. Dorsey Leaves for New York

by Curator on April 12, 2017

Chief Beavers Unable to Locate Gentry

by Curator on March 31, 2017

Felder Returns Phagan Fund to Givers

by Curator on March 30, 2017

Defense to Make Next Move in Phagan Case

by Archivist on March 22, 2017

Solicitor Makes No Reply to Mrs. Frank

by Curator on March 21, 2017

Scathing Replies Made to Letters Attacking Them

by Archivist on March 9, 2017

Felder Makes Answer to Dictagraph Episode

by Archivist on March 4, 2017

Enright Archives Added to Leo Frank Case Research Library

by Chief Curator on February 2, 2017

A. S. Colyar Is Again Released From Custody

by Archivist on January 18, 2017

Probe of Grand Jury Goes Over One Week

by Archivist on January 17, 2017

Jail Sentence for Woman Convicted in Vice Crusade

by Archivist on January 16, 2017

Conley Sticks to His Story; Declares Detective Chief

by Archivist on December 27, 2016

Dorsey Replies to the Charges of Mrs. L. Frank

by Archivist on December 15, 2016

Colyar Arrested Again on Knoxville Warrant

by Archivist on November 29, 2016

Negro’s Affidavit Not Given Much Credence

by Archivist on November 22, 2016

Lanford and Felder Come Near Fighting

by Archivist on November 21, 2016

Grand Jury Probe of Vice Conditions Finished Thursday

by Archivist on November 18, 2016

Cook Is Released on Signing Paper

by Archivist on October 29, 2016

L. M. Frank’s Trial Will Occur Week of June 30

by Archivist on October 26, 2016

Grand Jury Told of Vice Conditions

by Archivist on October 19, 2016

Grand Jury Ready to Investigate Charges

by Archivist on October 13, 2016

Negro Girl is Arrested in Phagan Murder Case

by Archivist on October 12, 2016

Frank’s Defense is Outlined

by Archivist on October 5, 2016

Grand Jury Meeting Remains a Mystery

by Archivist on October 3, 2016

Conley’s Statement Analyzed From Two Different Angles

by Archivist on September 28, 2016

Lanford Tells Why Conley Was Placed in Police Station

by Archivist on September 20, 2016

The 1955 Slaton Memorandum

by Chief Curator on September 19, 2016

Grand Jury Called to Meet Tuesday in Special Session

by Archivist on September 16, 2016

Conley’s Confession is Given in Full

by Archivist on September 15, 2016

Former Pencil Worker Outlines His Theory

by Archivist on September 14, 2016

Detectives Seek Corroboration of Conley’s Story

by Archivist on September 13, 2016

Chief Asks Hutcheson for “Protected List”

by Archivist on September 12, 2016

A. S. Colyar Released From Bond on Thursday

by Archivist on September 1, 2016

Carl Hutcheson Again Attacks Chief Beavers

by Archivist on August 31, 2016

100 Years Ago Today: Leo Frank Takes the Stand

by Archivist on August 23, 2016

The Leo Frank Trial: Week Three

by Archivist on August 18, 2016

Here Are Affidavits Submitted by Col. Felder

by Archivist on August 11, 2016

Colyar Imputes Arrest to Felder Conspiracy

by Archivist on August 4, 2016

Citizens Deny Authority for Using Their Names

by Archivist on August 3, 2016

Chief Lanford Calls Felder’s Charges False

by Archivist on August 2, 2016

Chief Lanford Replies to Col. T. B. Felder

by Archivist on July 27, 2016

Frank’s Attorneys Make No Comment

by Archivist on July 26, 2016

Dorsey Steers Clear of Felder Controversy

by Archivist on July 24, 2016

Dictograph Record Alleged Bribe Offer

by Archivist on July 14, 2016

Detective R. S. Ozburn Swears to Phone Talk

by Archivist on July 13, 2016

The Leo Frank Case: A Pseudo-History

by Chief Curator on May 22, 2016

Grand Jury to Consider Phagan Case This Week

by Archivist on May 11, 2016

Bowen Given Liberty, Makes Full Statement

by Archivist on May 2, 2016

Reward of $1,000 is Appropriated by City

by Archivist on April 30, 2016

Says He Punched Time Clock on Wrong Number

by Archivist on April 30, 2016

Hearing for Gantt at 3 P.M. Wednesday

by Archivist on April 30, 2016

Mary Phagan at Home Last Friday, Says Mother

by Archivist on April 30, 2016

Business Men Protest Sensational “Extras”

by Archivist on April 30, 2016

Stepfather Thinks Negro is Murderer

by Archivist on April 29, 2016

Bloody Thumb Print is Found on Door

by Archivist on April 29, 2016

Where Was Mary Phagan on Saturday Afternoon?

by Archivist on April 29, 2016

Gantt’s Release Asked in Habeas Corpus Writ

by Archivist on April 29, 2016