Leo Frank Case Library

Here I present several e-books as PDFs which are all worthwhile for those who are interested in learning the details behind Leo Frank’s murder trial.

Watson’s Magazine

Tom Watson published a monthly magazine and took a particular interest in Frank’s case. This interest stemmed from his own anti-Semitism, as reflected in the five selected magazines we have below.

1. January 1915
Watson introduces the Frank case in this edition.

2. March 1915
Here Watson goes into much further detail on the Frank case.

3. August 1915
Watson calls the Frank trial the “celebrated case.”

4. September 1915
Watson dubs Frank a “Jew pervert”; unnecessarily introducing prejudice into a serious case.

5. October 1915
Continuing with regrettable anti-Semitism, Watson criticizes “rich Jews” in his state.

American State Trials

A journal of major U.S. court cases, this one included much about Leo Frank.

American State Trials 1918, Volume X

The Frank Case

A book published shortly after the case that goes into great depth. Highly recommended, albeit the fact that the book used for the scan shows the decades of exposure to air and use.

The Frank Case

The Murder of Little Mary Phagan

This book, written by Phagan’s great-grand-niece, also named Mary Phagan, gives her view of what happened. Well worth the read.

The Murder of Little Mary Phagan

Dr. Edward R. Fields’ Analysis

Dr. Edward R. Fields, who is open about his racial views, wrote his take on the case in The Thunderbolt magazine in February 1961. He takes the side against Frank as you will clearly see by reading it. I recommend reading all sources — from extreme anti-Frank writers like Fields, to more the more recent (and now dominant) writings of Frank partisans to get a complete overview.

Dr. Fields’ Analysis